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Today we have for your consideration a terrific hand painted plate depicting a scene in Brazil and highlighted by the use of butterfly wings in the background.
This fabulous plate has lovely vibrant colors of blue, green, red, beige and yellow throughout and even though the plate is marked “BRASIL” it reminds this writer of scenes from Egypt. There are Palm trees shown and a lovely lake / river passing by underneath some mountains. The butterfly wings add lovely layers of shimmering light to the plate.
The plate itself measures about 9 – 5/8” in circumference and is edged with a ring of silver-plated metal. The back of the plate is also coated with the same silver-plated metal. There is a hook on the back that allows the plated to be displayed upon a wall.  
This lovely plate is in very good condition with a few surface scratches in evidence.
Please refer to our pictures to see the full beauty of this plate.
A colorful treasure that must be seen to be enjoyed.
If you have any questions, please be sure to ask!

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