Below is a list of antiques & collectibles that are available at the Antique & Collectible Exchange.

Buttons / Bakelite or the alternate site: Buttons / Bakelite
4 Lots of Carved Bakelite Buttons 10 per lot ( Item # 45326 )
This is a 4 lot item -  10 buttons per lot.  All bakelite or celluloid ranging from 1 - 1-3/4" in size.  Colors range from black, brown, beige and green with some carved or with metal accents.  Most all of the shanks on the back.  These are $8.00 per lot of 10 or 4 Lots for $25.00. Specify lot preference 1-4  top to bottom pictures. {msg23} {msg2}

Buttons / Brass or the alternate site: Buttons / Brass
Brass and Copper Large Buddah Button ( Item # 40091 )
Large copper and brass oriental theme button measures 2" in diameter. Flat base with raised Buddah figure on the front. Wire shank. Very nice {msg23}{msg2}

Vintage Sew On Chatelaine by Singer & Co. NY ( Item # 37118 )
This is a chatelaine ornamentation featuring two sets of flowers on either side of 6 chains of varying lengths. These have loops on the back of the floral pieces for sewing/attaching to garment or jacket. Plaque on the back of one has Singer Co NY . {msg2}

Buttons / Celluloid or the alternate site: Buttons / Celluloid
For today’s auction, we are featuring a pair of rare oversized cameo buttons / buckles.
This pair of cameo buttons / buckles measure 2 – 5/8” in height and is 2 – 3/8” in width. The portrait showcase in the cameo appears to be that of an Egyptian male (or possibly a female) who is wearing an Egyptian headdress complete with asp. It looks like the model used  Based on our experience it does appear that these buttons are made out of celluloid but we are not positive.
This pair of buttons have held up rather nicely despite their age. There are 9 black spots on the cameo facing right. This may be the result of age and may need a color touchup or possibly a light cleaning.
The cameo facing left is intact which no black spots present. There are 2 tiny gold spots present on the back / side of the head.  I suspect that this button may just need a light cleaning.
Please look very closely at our pictures and you will see that the buttons shown are quite rare.
A unique pairing that will appeal to collector’s of rare / antique buttons.

If you have any questions, please be sure to ask!

Pair of Nice Large Art Deco Buttons ( Item # 44601 )
This is a pair of very nice art deco buttons each measuring 1-3/4" in diameter. Button is brown early plastic or celluloid - don't believe it is bakelite. Geometric bow tie design on top with tiny goldtone beads or steels. Double sew through holes in center. {msg23}{msg2}

Buttons / Ceramic or the alternate site: Buttons / Ceramic
Elzac Ceramic Sleeping Face Buttons ( Item # 40102 )
Pair of excellent carved amd molded sleeping face buttons believed to be made by Elzac in the 1940's.  These are ceramic and a beautiful blue in color. Measuring about 1-1/8" each. These are unsigned except for the mold # 2 on each one. A nice Elzac collectible. {msg23}{msg2}

Vintage Composition Button Wooden Shoe With Tulips ( Item # 45375 )
Whimsical wooden shoe button with tulips measures just over 1". Composition ceramic or wood, soft colors, vintage with metal shank. Normal vintage wear, no chips that I can find.{msg23}{msg2}

Vintage Hand Painted Floral Buttons ( Item # 40127 )
This is a lot of 7 marquise shape buttons measuring 3/4". Porcelain and hand painted with one side a mauve color. All seem to be in good  condition including the design. {msg23}{msg2}

Buttons / Glass or the alternate site: Buttons / Glass
Black Glass Gold Accents Germany US Zone Card of 3 ( Item # 43115 )
3 Beautiful black glass buttons each measuring 7/8" are on this card. Accented in gold metallic.  These were made in US Zone Germany, still on the original card. {msg23}{msg2}

Button Black Glass With Gold Pattern Top ( Item # 14092 )
1-1/8" black glass button with self shank and gold pattern top. Very pretty. {msg2}

Lot of 20 Art Deco Black and Purple Texture Buttons ( Item # 43282 )
This is a lot of 20 buttons in the Art Deco style.  These are black glass with a section linear textured with purple/multi color design. There are 3 larger buttons that are 1-1/4" and the 17 smaller ones are 5/8". {msg23}{msg2}

Lot Of Three Ivory Glass Oriental Buttons ( Item # 32361 )
There are 3 of these pretty buttons. They measures almost 1"  in diameter and are an ivory textured glass with silver oriental scenic design. Self shank. Just noticed, one of these has a small chip on the back.  {msg2}{{msg23}{msg8}

Pair of Vintage Cobalt Blue Glass Buttons ( Item # 45446 )
Pair of nice cobalt blue glass buttons have a concave style with 4 sewing holes. No chips and measure about 1" in diameter {msg23}{msg2}

Rose and Silver Glass Cat Art Moderne Buttons ( Item # 40155 )
These are very pretty silver and rose glass cat  buttons each measuring about 1" in diameter. They are glass with silver textured design and self shank in an ultra moderne cat design.  Very unique and great for your cat collection ! {msg23}{msg2}

Translucent Glass Paperweight Buttons With Millefiori Design ( Item # 39937 )
These lovely buttons are, I believe, called paperweights.  They are translucent cloudy glass with a spattering of colors much like the Millefiori designs. Each button is 1/2" or 10mm.  and has a metal loop embedded shank. Each button is different. I purchased these from a collector back in the 1970's.  {msg23} {msg2}

Buttons / Horn or the alternate site: Buttons / Horn
Horn or Tortoise Etched Button ( Item # 40282 )
Very old button either horn or tortoise measures 3/4". It has a delicate floral design etched into the top. The button is translucent when held to the light but looks almost black otherwise. There is a small fleck on the back and it has a metal shank. {msg23}{msg2}

Buttons / Jewel or the alternate site: Buttons / Jewel
Victorian Jewel Button - Signed ( Item # 34845 )
This is a nice 1-1/2" + Victorian jewel button  in an Art Nouveau design. The center contains a single rectangular emerald rhinestone surrounded by smaller  crystal stones. This is marked on the ba ck  Gesetzlich Geschutzt  which is German for patented or registered.  {msg23}{msg2}

Buttons / Metal or the alternate site: Buttons / Metal
Antique Metal Tin? Button - Running Moose or Elk - Handmade ( Item # 40389 )
This button is from a collection and features a running moose or elk etched on a silvertone - maybe tin? - button 1/2" in diameter. Slightly concave back and metal shank. This has a border on it and looks Native American. It is not marked. {msg23}{msg2}

Art Nouveau Leaping Gazell Buttons ( Item # 40835 )
Lovely silvertone Art Nouveau buttons featuring an openwork design with leaping gazelle.  Measures 1" across.  Self shank. {msg2}

Buttons - Art Nouveau, Celtic, Star and More ( Item # 31808 )
These buttons were purchased from a button manufacturer gone out of business about 30+ years ago. These are prestrung on monofilament or wire. The larger textured Art Nouveau # 1 design button measures 1-1/8" in diameter, textured silvertone in a 22" single solid strand (40+ buttons)  Celtic scroll design silvertone button measures 3/4" in a 22" solid single strand (60+ buttons)  Five point star textured silvertone 3/4" button in 22" single solid strand (60+ buttons). Floral silvertone 3/4" button wrapped wire 80+ buttons).  3/4" flower (mum) design and 1/2" basketweave design. Smooth antiqued silvertone  wave design button is just about 1". You can also order these by design - strand. and by the dozen at $3.00 for small and $5.00 for large.
You can also order these buttons loose at  $18.00 per hundred, 20.00 per gross. {msg2}{msg8}

Collection of 17 Cut Steel Victorian Buttons ( Item # 39976 )
Collection of 17 Victorian silver metal waistcoat buttons measuring approximately 1/2" each and all set with cut steel in various designs. All have loop shanks and all cut steel is in good condition. {msg23}{msg2}

Lot of 25 Vintage Unused Metal Buttons Mixed Designs ( Item # 45301 )
This is a lot of 25 mixed design silvertone metal buttons.  They are vintage new unused.  All have self shanks ready for your sewing or craft needs.  See our other buttons for specific designs.  These will be a mixed selection.{msg23} {msg2}

Lot of 5 Vintage Heraldry Uniform Buttons ( Item # 45905 )
This is a lot of 5 heraldry or uniform buttons unidentified design. Each measures 1-1/4" in diameter. Wire shank. No mfg. name. {msg2}

Lot of 7 Matching Beautiful Cut Steel Buttons ( Item # 37109 )
There are 7 of these matching cut steel buttons.  Each one measures 1/2" across. Metal rivet set with wire shanks and faceted center steel. {msg23}{msg2}

Metal and Wood Stylized Vintage Button ( Item # 39376 )
Very nice vintage button with wood background accented with brass stylized floral design and rim. Measures 1-5/8" in diameter. {msg23}{msg2}

Pair of Vintage Metal Cameo Buttons ( Item # 44027 )
Pair of vintage silver ? metal buttons featuring a Grecian cameo focus. Background is hand hammered with metal loop fastener.{msg23}{msg2}

Riveted Cut Steel Vintage Button ( Item # 43635 )
Nice riveted cut steel button has an openwork design with graduated size steels surrounded a larger center steel. {msg23}{msg2}

Silvertone Nuts Croched Bracelet ( Item # 40327 )
 This is a vintage crochet bracelet (used to be) with all silvertone nut shapes each measuring about 3/4". Textured silvertone to look like the "real" nut these have a self shank and there are several different nut shapes. The bracelet has stretched out but there are approximately 20+ nuts still attached. I don't know their composition, look and feel like lightweight metal (not sterling). They do need cleaning. Slight verdegris on a few but wonderful to use in some of your "nuttier" fashions or designs. {msg47}{msg2}

Silvertone Victorian Cherub With Torch Buttons ( Item # 45547 )
This is a lot of 8 Victorian buttons each measuring about 1/2".  These are beautiful and feature a cherub holding a torch.  They are silvertone, very old and all strung on vintage fabric as found. They have metal shanks and there is no mfg information on the backs that I can see.  I have not tried to clean or polish these.  $1.00 each or all 8 for $5.00.  Email us for invoice.

Victorian Figural Metal Button Trio of Birds ( Item # 44777 )
Nice early button featuring a trio of birds around the rim.  Button measures 1-1/4" in diameter. Button is dark goldtone with a silver rim, Metal shank. {msg23}{msg2}

Victorian Flower Buttons, Metal Lily of the Valley ( Item # 35770 )
These beautiful buttons were found in an estate and were described on the card Victorian flower series Lily of the Valley. The larger ones are 26mm - $4.00 each;  smaller are 16mm and $2.00 each or all for $10.00 {msg2}

Vintage Silvertone Metal Blazer, Jacket, Craft Buttons ( Item # 41741 )
These are very nice never used silver tone metal buttons with a smooth raised top and ridged rim.  They measure about 1" in diameter and have never been used. Old stock from a button factory.  You can buy these at $5.00 per dozen,  $10 per 20" strand, $18.00 per hundered and $20 per gross.  Email Us if you order is for quantities in excess of 1 dozen.  {msg23}{msg2}

Your Portal To More Buttons ! ( Item # 23237 )
For this and many more buttons, visit our Past Traditions Button Gallery as well as our Main  Catalog Selections ! {msg23}

Buttons / Military or the alternate site: Buttons / Military
French Military Button Equipages De Ligne ( Item # 45532 )
French Military Button measuring abou 1/2".  Goldtone, probably brass. Anchor design {msg23}{msg2}

Buttons / Miscellaneous or the alternate site: Buttons / Miscellaneous
1-1/2 lb Lot Bag Of Vintage Buttons,Mixed All Kinds ( Item # 45480 )
This is a 6 x 8" plastic bag full of buttons - 1-1/2 lbs weight. I'm clearing out my button stash and you'll find all kinds in these lots. All vintage, you may find plastic, bakelite, celluloid, metal, pearl, rhinestones, glass, black glass. A mix of sewing, craft and collectible buttons in all sizes. I'll be having these lots for quite awhile. In our antique shop in FL years ago I had a 4ft high antique cotton basket full of buttons and sold them by the weight. Sometimes there would be 4 or 5 people sitting around the basket picking through looking for that certain button.....The postage shown is actual postage and we can combine if you want more than 1 lot. Buttons shown are just examples of a bag. {msg15}{msg2}

Early Plastic Composition Set of 3 Art Deco Buttons ( Item # 45760 )
Set of 3 Art Deco buttons.  Black art deco styling, the larger one measues about 1-1/2" long and the smaller cube about 1/2".  Early composition material. {msg23}{msg2}

For today’s auction, we are featuring a unique hand-sewn sash of rare buttons.
There are a total 12 multi-sized buttons attached to this sash. They vary in size from .75” in circumference all the way up to 2 – 11/16” in circumference. There is a black oriental button that we believe may have been carved out of Horn. There is a 2 – 5/16” yellow / white button that features an Egyptian sphinx upon it which we believe is made out of ivorine.
There is also a jet black button which appears to feature a floral plant of some sort.
Below the jet black button is a retro green button with a series of 6 swirls over a small circle. There is also a small green button depicting a schnauzer. Beneath that button a small white button that looks like a crocheted piece of art.
Please look very closely at our pictures and you will see that the buttons used are quite rare.
A unique item that will appeal to collector’s of rare / antique buttons
If you have any questions, please be sure to ask!

Vintage Pink Woven Button Bracelet With Rhinestones ( Item # 45483 )
This is a nice woven button bracelet all done in pink plastic buttons, some with rhinestone accents. Stretch and approximately 1-1/2" wide.  30+ 1/2" buttons. Buttons are woven into a gold/silvertone metallic stretch material.{msg23} {msg2}


Buttons / Pearl & Shell or the alternate site: Buttons / Pearl & Shell
Estate Collection of Pearl Buttons ( Item # 36765 )
Beautiful estate collection of antique pearl buttons. Smallest is 1/2" and the largest 1-1/2". Some are carved, high luster, added cut steel, engraved and cut-out. All have original shanks and are mounted on cardboard with pipecleaners. There are 24 buttons. All of these are in very good condition. {msg2}

Star Design Gray Mother of Pearl Buttons ( Item # 40151 )
These are very old gray mother of pearl buttons with carved star shapes in the top set with tiny rhinestones. Edge design and they measure 3/4" in diameter. Brass shank. {msg23}{msg2}

Buttons / Rhinestones or the alternate site: Buttons / Rhinestones
Large Hallmarked Rhinestone Floral Button ( Item # 40656 )
Very nice large 2-1/4" coat or cape button features metal construction with textured surface design and center cluster of crystal rhinestones. Hallmark on the back features a buckle or rectangle with a horizontal piercing arrow. {msg23}{msg2}

Pair of Beautiful Amethyst Rhinestone Buttons ( Item # 40364 )
Stunningly beautiful large rhinestone buttons measure 1-3/4" in diameter each. Silvertone "pot" metal holds a floral design with deep amethyst navette rhinestones. Self metal shanks. I see this perhaps on the front straps or central bodice of a black or silver cocktail dress.......These buttons feature one of  "the"  colors for fall 2010 !   {msg47}{msg2}

Buttons / Wood or the alternate site: Buttons / Wood
5 Hand Painted Wooden Buttons With Matching Button Earrings ( Item # 43752 )
Lovely vintage buttons are wood, handpainted and come with matching screw on earrings !  The buttons are 1/2" each in diameter and have a beautiful blue, pink and yellow floral design.  Matching earrings are 3/4" in diamter. {msg23}{msg2}

Lot of 22 Walnut Buttons From Old Department Store Unused ( Item # 45478 )
Lot of 22 Vintage Stock Large Walnut Buttons ready for use in sewing or crafts. These are walnut wood with nice grain and measure about 1" in diameter each.

They are not on a card, but an original card is included with information. {msg23}{msg2}

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