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Decanters / Cyrus Noble or the alternate site: Decanters / Cyrus Noble
Cyrus Noble Mine Series Decanters ( Item # 19872 )
The full series of Great Old West Decanters of the Cyrus Noble Mine Series. These are truly works of art with the detail and hand painting on each decanter.  Decanters of this type, in my estimation, will be very rare in years to come as they simply haven't been made for 25 years and will not likely be produced or reproduced in the future.  
You see individual decanters for sale occasionally, but seldom the entire and complete set.  What a marvelous collection for that back bar or your Old West collection.
This set includes Man Shaving, Landlady, Blacksmith, Miner, Burro, Gambler, Bartender, Assayer, Miner in Mine, Dance Hall Lady, Fiddler, Trumpet Player, Singer, and Whiskey Drummer.  Some have boxes and foam inserts, although some boxes have stains due to leakage.   The bottles are empty and most still have the original seals.  Some bottle heads lack full corks and have been afixed to the body of item to avoid breakage. 
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Decanters / McCormick or the alternate site: Decanters / McCormick
McCormick -- The Gunfighters Mini Series 8 Decanters ( Item # 19873 )
Another Great Old West Set of Decanters, this from McCormick Distillers of "The Gunfighters."
Set includes: Calamity Jane, Black Bart, Bat Masterson, Jessie James, Doc Holiday, Billy the Kid, Will Bill Hickok and Wyapp Earp.  Again, you may see individual decanters for sale, but rarely the entire set.
Decanters are empty and in very good condition.  Some detail on the names are not blackened and some tops have been glued back on.  Note the carton with styrafoam liners.
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