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Yellow Kid 1902 Figural Soap Advertisement ( Item # 24593 )
We have the exact 1902 The Yellow Kid Figural Soap without the box and a little darker in color than the below one that sold at auction for $1200.  Soap is in near mint condition but the face has darkened. 
Below is a link to the story of the The Yellow Soap Kid for the Hearst newspaper.
"1902 The Yellow Kid Figural Soap - sold for $1200.60
This incredible, Near Mint condition bar was made from molded, buckskin colored soap in the likeness of that lovable orphan of the Hearst papers. With black painted eyes, a brilliantly animated face, and a nightshirt that read, "Dis Soap is Grate See!" this likeness of the Yellow Kid was manufactured by David S. Brown & Co. Perfumers of New York. Also in Near Mint condition was the packaging of the soap, with another image of the kid in a nightshirt that read, "Oh! But I'm Full of Lather.'"

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Sacramento Estate Liquidation & Sales ( Item # 33176 )
                                                                                                                    +Welcome to Our Estate Web Site+ 
               We conduct Estate Liquidation & Sales in the Greater Sacramento Area
We will assist you and your clients with services relating to estate liquidation including:

Estate liquidation at the home

Purchase outright the collectibles & antiques
          Consignment to our large Antique & Collectible Shop the furniture and collectibles
When an estate sale is conducted in the home we provide the complete pricing,  set-up including a flow pattern through the home, tables to facilitate displays always keeping security in mind and other cordial arrangments.   We have an experienced staff with a greeter at the main door, jewelry monitor, carriers to the check-out area and a very capable cashier.  We accept cash, credit cards and checks with adequate identification. 
We have a substantial advantage over most estate sellers in that very valuable and collectible items need not be liquidated at distress prices at the conclusion of the sale, but rather can be taken to our store and placed with us on consignment for a higher price and more proceeds to the estate.  We have many referral references if you wish!
Please check out our home page with the link below and you can view an illustration “About Our Next Estate Sale” link of a recent sale.  Click on the photo’s link and even the Google map link.  This information goes out to our 500 person email mailing list three days before every sale as well as newspaper advertising and extensive street signage. 
If you wish to speak with Paulette or I, please call us at (916) 446-1122 or email us at
 Thanks for visiting our web site and we hope to hear from you.
Antique & Collectibles Marketplace
501 North 10th Street and Richards Blvd.
Sacramento, CA 95811
(916) 446-1122



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